It’s raining; it’s pouring

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed and bumped his head,

And wouldn’t get up in the morning


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 ”Sister but you don’t know him” Uncle Nathan whispered.

I buried my head deeper in the encyclopaedia and pretended like I was deaf. The stranger was still on the veranda while my mother and Uncle Nathan were whispering in the parlour.

”He does not really know this city even his phone was stolen and he can’t contact his people to confirm the address. I can’t send him out in this weather.”

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The Corpse on the Couch. CHAPTER 1

 It’s raining, it’s pouring

I sat on the veranda and watched as the rain poured from the sky and washed the earth clean of her sins. I heard the pestle hit the mortar and the former cry out in response. I saw the palm trees sway from side to side; they were in complete awe of Mother Nature.

I heard my mother call out my name but I ignored her. I dug my feet in the sand and watched the rain tap it with such ferocity.

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A Day in the Extraordinary Life of Nkemdili Odife. Chapter 15

It is three months after the revelation and  finally there is peace in my life. I have also made peace with my parents and siblings and I’m happy to say we are in a better place today. I still have my bad days though, but there are fewer and far between. Lanre told me it will be gone forever and I will never hurt if I give my life to Christ and forgive Charles. Well I didn’t know what to make of that. I know I am a fairly good Christian, please feel free to call me born again. I like to also think I’ve forgiven him but sometimes when I remember I go numb. So what does that mean? I am only human I guess.

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A Day in the Extraordinary Life of Nkemdili Odife. Chapter 9

I was at the office of Rise from the Ashes an NGO situated on the ever busy Kasali Road. I emailed every NGO I’d gotten from Lanre the day before and by the following morning, I received 3 replies but something about Rise from the Ashes stood out for me. First I loved the name, I could identify with that. I was not there yet but it sounded like something I’d love to say about my experience. Secondly, a certain Abigail E. Okundaye was the only one who volunteered to call and even fix a tentative appointment. I read her email again with a smile on my face:

Dear Nkem,

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A Day in the Extraordinary Life of Nkemdili Odife. Chapter 7

I was drinking a glass of water when I saw my mother exit a taxi. She looked tired as she headed for the rear-end of the car. I dropped the glass in the sink and hurried to my room. I wished I had accepted Biola’s turtle neck but it was too late now. I locked my door and ransacked my wardrobe looking for something suitable. I could hear the sound of her voice as she bustled around the house while singing her favourite song.

Imeeeee imela

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